2022 Ferrari 812 GTS

2022 Ferrari 812 GTS

The Ferrari 812 GTS, made even more special here at Automobiles Etcetera. At its core, the spider serves as a benchmark in performance for the renowned manufacturer. Ferrari claims with its sizeable 6.5L V12 789HP engine the 812 GTS is the most powerful production convertible on the market.

Ferrari never forgets its winning lineage and the 812 GTS is no different. Exactly 50 years from the debut of the last spider to sport a front-mounted V12 (365 GTS4) this example pays homage to many iconic models such as the 166mm that won the Mille Miglia and 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1949.

Aerodynamics played a large part in the engineering process to guarantee comfort while minimizing turbulence with the top down, even at high speeds. The front of the vehicle inherits technologies found in the LaFerrari Aperta to avoid excess pressure behind the occupants heads and creates an impressive in-cabin harmony


Getting into the rarity of this particular example we start with the finish. Being in Montreal we thought it a perfect choice to spec the example in Ferrari’s “Blu Montreal”. This 812 GTS had the exclusive privilege of undergoing Ferrari’s Tailor Made programme, a be-spoke personalization process that reflects the sporting soul, the heritage and the innovation of the brand respectively.

A last added touch, upon special request, we had the Ferrari manufacturing team sign the engine bay. For this work of art it was only right to have the example be signed by its artists.

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