1984 Ferrari 512BBi

1984 Ferrari 512BBi

The introduction of the Berlinetta Boxer Flat-12 road engine in 1973 on the 365 GT4 BB marked a big change for Ferrari as the company moved to a horizontally opposed engine layout for it’s road going cars. With performance in mind, this decision aligned its production cars with the layouts of the Scuderia Formula 1 team. The Flat-12 engine layout was further enhanced and mated to a more capable chassis when Ferrari announced the 512BB at the Paris Salon in 1976.

In recent years the Berlinetta Boxers have gained a lot of appreciation as they were a benchmark for Ferrari. The historical significance has made the 512 BBi a perfect addition for many Ferrari collectors globally.

With only 1007 in existence this beautiful example, in a most classic Ferrari “Rosso Corso / Tan” spec is a true gem and rarity. The 1984 renditions are particularly sought after as Ferrari only produced 144 during that year. Currently available for purchase in our inventory, contact us for all inquiries.

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